• Academic background


Applicants should hold a first post-graduate degree, Master Degree of Science (MS), notably in biology or natural sciences.


Applicants enrolled in a degree program can apply before obtaining their Master's degree; however, they must have their degree in hand at the time they begin their doctoral studies (Oct. 1st).



Applicants should also provide official transcripts of diplomas and grades from all academic institutions of higher education they list in their application (after and not including high-school) and certified translations of diplomas and grades into English if not originally in French, German, Italian, Spanish or English.


Any additional studies (second Bachelor degree or other graduate studies) should be mentioned in the application.



  • Experience in research


Experience and documented interest in research like activities (e.g. demonstrated in the form of master thesis work, or participation in research related activities) is of importance.

For some projects, a specific experience may be requested. In that case, it is clearly defined in the application form.


Applications should provide a brief description of their research and scientific interests.



  • Language profiiency


Applicants should be proficient in English.




Am I eligible to the NeuroTime program?