• Mobility = eligibility


The Erasmus Mundus program is designed with the goal of attracting foreign/external students and encourages mobility.




- For Category "Programme Country" candidates, the two EU countries visited during the doctoral activities (see the mobility track of the projects and the universities involved) must be different from the country in which you have obtained your last university degree.


- Moreover, local candidates are NOT eligible.

This implies that a student who has performed his/her Master thesis with a supervisor AND has received his/her Master degree from the University where the supervisor is affiliated cannot apply to a project involving this same supervisor (whether it is a Lead or a partner supervisor).



  • Specific requirements


For each project specific requirements in terms of technical skills, specific knowledge or educational background are indicated in the description of each project.

Make sure you comply with them before applying.



Am I eligible to the project(s) I want to apply for?

Although you might be eligible to the NeuroTime program, you might not be eligible to all projects.

Therefore, before applying to a particular project, you should check your eligibility for that given project.