The full calendar of the program is broken down into 5 Editions, each of them starting on October 1st.

The track of each Edition with the dates of admission are described here.



  • Application


Applications are open from Sep. to Dec. the year before enrolment.

After checking their eligibility to the program (here), candidates apply online via our dedicated platform (here) to 1 (or more) of the collaborative projects proposed (here).

One application per project should be submitted.


Once submitted, candidates receive by email a Registration Number (one per application submitted).



  • Evaluation


The General admission to the program is based on several criteria:

- academic excellence

- relevant experience in the research field

- English fluency

- references.

The applications are examined by the evaluation committee and graded.

A decision (accepted or refused) is also associated to the applicaiton.

Applications are then ranked depending on the average grade.



  • Selection


The selection committee draws 3 lists of candidates that will be sent to the European Agency for fellowship application:

- A list of main candidates: where are indicated the names of the candidates for who the consortium applies for the fellowships

- A reserve list of candidates: where are indicated the names of the candidates who could replace the candidate on the main list in case of withdrawal or dropout

- A list of the candidates who have not been selected


Candidates are informed by email of the decision of the Selection Committee early March at the latest.



  • Fellowship award


At the end of April, the European Agency sends the final decision with the names of the candidates who will be awarded a fellowship.




Candidates who want to apply to the NeuroTime program on alternative funding resources are also welcome to apply.

Admission process