Management and implementation of the NeuroTime program is under the governance of three committees:

- the Steering Committee,

- the Administrative Board,

- and the Advisory Board.


The Coordinator of the NeuroTime EMJD program is Dr. Paul Pévet, INCI / University of Strasbourg, France.



  • The Steering Committee


This committee is responsible for general operating policy, procedures and related matters involving the NeuroTime consortium. The committee controls the budget and accounts of the program. It also approves the choice of selected PhD candidates.

Six Principal Investigators (one representative per University) constitute the NeuroTime Steering Committee:

- Prof. Ad Aertsen, Head of BCF, Freiburg, Germany

- Prof. Andries Kalsbeek, Head Department Hypothalamic Integration Mechanisms, NIN, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

- Prof. Andreas Lüthi, Department Neurobiology FMI, Basel, Switzerland

- Prof. Israel Nelken, Head of the ICNC PhD program, Jerusalem, Israel

- Dr. Paul Pévet, INCI / University of Strasbourg, France

- Prof. Krishnaswamy VijayRaghavan, Director NCBS, Bangalore, India



  • The Administrative Board


In each doctoral school of the Universities or administrative department of the institutes involved, a person will be in charge of the administration of the NeuroTime program.

The Program Manager, Dr. Domitille Boudard, at the University of Strasbourg coordinates the whole Administrative Board.

Altogether, the Program Manager and local contacts will constitute the Administrative Board. The central office, located at the University of Strasbourg will take over the coordination of administrative and financial aspects.



  • The Advisory Board


In addition to the procedures for monitoring and evaluations used locally by each partner, the overall quality of the program is controlled by a Board of External Advisers, the Advisory Board, constituted of international experts: 3 external scientific advisors and the scientific board of Neurex.

The Advisory Board will intervene in the mechanisms of dispute resolution, be it administrative or scientific. It will double check the procedures used at all steps of the program, namely recruitment of students and agenda of the project.

The 3 external scientific advisors are:

- Dr. Ruud M Buijs, Instituto de Investigacíones Biomedicas, Mexico D.F., Mexico

- Prof. Dr. Horst-Werner Korf, Anatomy and Neurobiology, Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany

- Prof. Dr. Carsten Mehring, Albert-Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany

Governance and Organization