The objective of the NeuroTime program is to provide PhD students with a top quality international training program in multidisplinary neuroscience, that will contribute to investigate a process lying at the heart of brain function & dysfunction: processing of time.


The partners of the consortium have a well-established record of excellence and educational background, long-standing links with Industry and other educational institutes. The consortium has built a curriculum in a combination not found in any single European country or institution, integrating the complementary strengths of the different partners. The training provided by our program integrates developmental, molecular, cellular & behavioral neuroscience, chronobiology, computational neuroscience & neurotechnology.


The research project will lead to the award of a joint or double PhD degree.


During the PhD period, each student has one main supervisor from each of the two (or 3) universities granting the PhD degree. Student mobility is an integral part of NeuroTime.

The program is complemented with workshops organized by the Upper Rhine Valley network in Neuroscience, Neurex, which has well documented experience in training.

Complementary skills (ethical and legislative issues, grant writing, intellectual property, biosafety & scientific communication) are provided as well. The language of instruction is English.


The Doctorate is designed to:

- Provide excellent international training by combining the complementary areas of excellence of top Institutions;

- Educate future leaders for international and European research;

- Offer a unique European perspective on neuroscience, by studying in various European and non European countries;

- Give excellent international employment opportunities.


The program is open to students with a Master (or equivalent) degree in biology or the natural sciences. The career prospects for graduates are outstanding as the courses are timely and relevant to today’s and tomorrow’s high technologies.

The program - Overview