Project 2

VAPB/ALS8 in the selective vulnerability of motoneruonal populations in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis


- Luc Dupuis: Inserm U692/Unistra, Strasbourg, France

- Marlene Bartos: BCF/ALUF, Freiburg, Germany- Pico Caroni: FMI/UniBas, Basel, Switzerland

Projects of the 1st Edition [2012-2016] - Ongoing projects

Project 5

Role of excitatory cerebellar interneurones in learning-dependent timing


- Chris De Zeeuw: NIN/UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- Peter Scheiffele: Biozentrum, UniBas, Basel, Switzerland- Ad Aertsen: BCF/ALUF, Freiburg, Germany

Project 6

Patterns of neurocircuitries modification in alcoholism: in vivo assessment in mouse models of alcohol addiction


- Brigitte Kieffer: IGBMC/Unistra, Strasbourg, France

- Jürgen Hennig: BCF/ALUF, Freiburg, Germany

Project 7

The alerting effect of light: modification by behavioural state, circadian cycle and individual differences


- Eus Van Someren: NIN/UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- Patrice Bourgin: INCI/Unistra, Strasbourg France

- Christian Cajochen: UPK/UniBas, Basel, Switzerland

Project 1

Effects of the sleep deprivation on circadian and metabolic rhythmicity in a diurnal rodent


- Etienne Challet: INCI CNRS UPR3212/Unistra, Strasbourg, France

- Andries Kalsbeek: NIN/UvA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Project 8

The neuronal circuitry of fear conditioning: Computing at the interface between cortex and striatum


- Ad Aertsen: BCF/ALUF, Freiburg, Germany

- Andreas Lüthi: FMI/UniBas, Basel, Switzerland

- Pierre Veinante: INCI/Unistra, Strasbourg, France




Project 4

Dissecting the auditory cortical circuitry: influence of dendritic vs. perisomatic inhibition on network oscillations



- Marlene Bartos: BCF/ALUF, Freiburg, Germany

- Andreas Lüthi: FMI/UniBas, Basel, Switzerland

- Didier Pinault: Inserm U666/Unistra, Strasbourg, France

Applications for the projects of the 1st Edition are closed.