There are good fellowship opportunities for students accepted to he NeuroTime Joint Doctorate program.

The selection process will be very selective since there are more projects proposed than fellowships offered.



  • Number and type of fellowships


The number of fellowships offered by the European Agency to our consortium is different from one year to another.


For the 1st [2012-2016] and 2nd [2013-2017] Editions, 8 fellowships were available, as followed 5 A fellowships and 3 B fellowships.

For the 3rd Edition [2014-2018], 7 fellowships were available (4 A, and 3 B).

For the 4th Edition [2015-2019], 5 fellowships were available (1 Programme country and 4 Partner country).



  • Categories of fellowships


There are 2 categories of fellowships available for the selected candidates.

Each category of fellowship is described here.



  • Duration and amount of the fellowships


Although the duraion of each Edition is of 4 years, the fellowships are offered for 36 months (3 years). If the thesis project should last more than 3 years, then an addiitonal funding should be found.


NeuroTime fellowships contain:


- Fixed living allowance / Salary: directly to the fellowship holder

The monthly allowance in the form of employment contract including social security provisions (including sickness and parental benefits, health and accident insurance, pension rights and unemployment benefits) in accordance with the national legislation and with national or sector collective bargaining agreements.

The total monthly payroll cost given by the European Agency is 2,800 €, from which are deducted the taxes and charges.

The monthly net salary then differs from one country to another with a minimum of 1,400 €.


- Fixed contribution to the doctoral candidate participation costs: to the hosting lab(s)

In addition to the salary, contribution to travels to the yearly workshop, and some other types of participation costs (e.g. tuition fees, bench fees, insurances) are provided (approx. 600 €/month). This contribution will be managed directly by the hosting labs.


- Fixed contribution to installation costs - IF APPLICABLE

A third contribution, a fix contribution, for installation costs will be offered:

- For Category "Partner Country" fellows: 7,500 €

- For Category "Programme Country" fellows: 3,000 € - if there is mobility foreseen to category B country (Basel, Jerusalem or Bangalore)



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